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Same Great Wine, Now in Cans

Now, we should clarify — we weren’t thinking, “How can we carbonate this stuff?” or “How can we make the horses turn red when the wine hits 55 degrees?” And we certainly weren’t thinking, “How can we lower the ABV?”

No, our mission from the outset was to make a space for wine in places that beer has traditionally occupied: a tailgate party; a long hike; the beach. We love wine. And we don’t think matters of convenience or societal norms should prevent it from being enjoyed anywhere and everywhere all the other adult beverages are served.

It was with that spirit that we rolled out our “Grab a Wineski™” digital ad campaign. Because here’s the thing — we love beer, too! What better way to cozy up to some of its space than with a series of loving homages to classic beer ads.

Check ‘em out:

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