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Derby Deviled Eggs


6 hard-boiled eggs
¼ cup + 2 Tbsp. bacon, cooked and chopped, divided
1 tsp. Dijon mustard
1 cup Greek yogurt
2 Tbsp. green onions, sliced
½ cup extra sharp cheddar, finely shredded
Salt and pepper to taste

  1. Place a single layer of eggs in a saucepan. Cover with 1-2 inches of cold salted water. Heat to a full boil. Turn off the heat, cover, and let sit for 10-12 minutes. Drain and let cool.
  2. Cut eggs in half lengthwise and scoop out yolks.
  3. Place yolks, ¼ cup bacon, Dijon mustard, Greek yogurt, green onions, cheddar, salt, and pepper in bowl. Stir and mash to combine. Depending on your liking you may need to add more yogurt.
  4. Place heaping teaspoons of filling into the eggs whites.
  5. Garnish with 2 Tbsp. bacon.