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Our Story

Measuring just fourteen hands tall — a “hand” equivalent to the width of one’s palm — these tenacious little horses would travel down from the hills every day to drink from the mighty Columbia River and graze along the riverbank, then retreat back to cool off at night. Washington’s wild horses have become living symbols of the pioneer spirit of the American West.

Washington State

Our Landscape

The spirit of these horses lives on in the vast landscape that has sustained the determined for generations. Loamy sand and gravel soils require a strong and determined grapevine, and our vineyards revel in Washington’s world-class terroir. With the fruit from these hardy vines, we handcraft big, fruit-forward reds and crisp, juicy whites that honor the legend of the region.

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Visit Us

Our Winery

You can experience the spirit of 14 Hands in person, as well as in the bottle, by visiting our winery and tasting room. Come join us for a tasting or check out our calendar of events.

Wild Horses Artist Cynthia Sampson

Cynthia Sampson is an award-winning representational colorist who specializes in brightly colored pastel and acrylic animal paintings. Through Cynthia’s imagination she gives viewers a glimpse into her world to spark their own creative journeys. She uses color to express the excitement and wonder she feels when she looks at life.