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Wine barrels at 14 Hands


Guided by flavor, wherever it leads, with the vision of creating untamed wine

Winemaking is our adventure. We step outside tradition to bring forth spirited Washington wines that above all else, taste great.

Can of Rosé with fruit

A Fresh Approach

Making everyday wines that people enjoy drinking is our ultimate goal, so we often make decisions throughout the winemaking process based purely on taste. In the end, we want our wines to be smooth and fruit-forward, yet bold and complex—making approachable, easy-drinking wines that taste amazing by the glass, cup, or can.

Winemaker Keith Kenison sitting down with a glass of wine

Made with Love

Keith Kenison

Winemaker Keith Kenison has been with 14 Hands from the start—but his experience dates back to 1992, when he learned to make Washington-state wine as a cellar worker for Ste. Michelle Wine Estates. In the years since, he’s grown his talents and reputation as a craftsman, unafraid to break the rules in the name of great wine. What Keith loves most about wine is the way it brings joy to any moment, from a simple weekday dinner to a wedding or reunion, a motivation that comes through in his approach. “If our wines bring happiness, we’ve achieved our goal.” For Keith, wine pairs best with good company. And Dungeness crab.  

Zach Richardson

Zach Richardson

Zach Richardson is a native of the Tri-Cities in Eastern Washington. After getting a degree in Earth and Space Sciences from the University of Washington and working for a Geotechnical Engineering firm, in 2015 he moved back to the Tri-Cities and spent harvest running analysis on vineyard samples in the Columbia Crest lab. “Everything that goes into making a bottle of wine opened my eyes to a great industry that has always been in my backyard.” Zach was then asked to join the 14 Hands team as a Lab Technician, completed the WSU Enology program, and then joined the winemaking team as an Enologist before being promoted to his current role as assistant winemaker. What does Zach enjoy when not at the office? “14 Hands Sauvignon Blanc is one of my favorites to open up on a hot summer day,” he says. An excellent choice for a place where there is no shortage of hot summer days. 

3 bottles of 14 Hands wines


Bold in flavor and behavior, always evolving in the name of great wine

Horse Heaven Hills vineyards


Horse Heaven Hills, an invitation to exploration, freedom and growth

Girl drumming


An energetic spirit, stretching the boundaries of high-quality wine

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