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Daydream cocktail

Daydream Cocktail

A colorful cocktail you'll be dreaming about all day long.
Prepare to be spellbound as we uncover the secrets behind the Daydream Cocktail. This mesmerizing wine cocktail is renowned for its irresistible visual allure that sparks your imagination. A melody of grenadine, lemonade, and elderflower liqueur paints a kaleidoscope of colors in the glass, while the effervescent dance of 14 Hands Unicorn Bubbles adds a touch of elegance, making it the perfect companion for jubilant festivities or moments of whimsical daydreaming. So, immerse yourself in the spellbinding magic of our Daydream Cocktail. Delight and let your wildest dreams take flight!

Best with 14 Hands Unicorn Bubbles

Serves 1

Prep Time: 5-7 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

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